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New Touchless Alignment by CEMBargos_cemb

  • No clamps, targets or sensors.
  • No manual adjustments for cars with different wheelbases.
  • Rim run-out not compulsory.
  • No need to remove hubcups.
  • Measuring process automatically starts at the arrival of the vehicle.
  • Measure toe and camber in less than 5 seconds and all data in a few more.
  • No brake pedal required to measure caster.

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CEMB SM1120 Professional Center Post Tire Changer

  • PARALLEL ARM: with memory lock (PATENTED)
  • Double Arm/Disc air operated bead loosening unit (PATENTED)sm1120s
  • Adjustable SMART BLADE bead breaker
  • Leverless mount/dismount system (PATENTED)
  • SMART LOCK Quick locking expanding nut (PATENTED)
  • POWER-OUT SYSTEM: Double-effect cylinder with stroke limiter (PATENTED)
  • Wheel lift
  • Two speed rotation by pedal
  • Tire inflation by pedal
  • Equipped with Press Arm
  • CEMBlast Tubeless tire bead seating system
  • Dual Fit System

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